Girlfriends from the past

Loretta broke my heart in a letter
She told me she was leaving and her life would be better

Jone broke if off over the phone
After the tone she left me alone

Jen said she'd never ever see me again
When I saw her again she said it again

Jan met another man
Lisa got amnesia just forgot who I am

Felicity said there was no electricity
Emily no chemistry

Fran ran
Bruce turned out to be a man

Flo had to go
I couldnt go with the flow

Carol Brown just took a bus out of town
but im hoping that youll stick around

He doesn't cook or clean
He's not good boyfriend material
(Ooh we can eat cereal)

You'll lose interest fast
His relationships never last
(Shut up girlfriends from the past)

He say's he'll do one thing
And then he goes and does another thing
(Who organized all my ex girlfriends into a choir and got them to sing?)

[Choir Harmonic Break]
(Who? Who? Shut up)
(Shut up girlfriends from the past)

Mimi will no longer see me
Brittany, Brittany hit me

Paula and Stephanie
Stella and Stephanie
There must be 50 ways lovers have left me

Carol Brown just took a bus out of town

Love is a delicate thing it could just float away on a breeze
(He said the same thing to me)

How can we ever know we found the right person in this world
(He means he looks at other girls)

Love is a mystery that does not follow a rule
(This guy is a fool)

He'll always be a boy he's a man who never grew up
(I thought I told you to shut up)

[Choir Harmonic Break]
(Mona you told me you were in a coma)
(Tiffany you said that you had an epiphany)
(Would you like a littler cereal)
(Who organized this choir of ex girlfriends?)
(Was it you Carol Brown?)
(Was it you Carol Brown?)

Carol Brown just took a bus out of town
but I'm hoping that you'll stick around

Stick Around
Stick Around

Stick Around
Stick Around


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